Message Transfering

I have attempting to transfer a message, yet it fails to be sent but still show in my sent folder, in the notifications I receive the following error message:

Internal Error AUP#EML-038

This is not an error code generated by K-9 Mail. Please contact your email provider to find out what that means.

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an “AUP” generally refers to an “acceptable use policy”. check with your provider’s site (as cketti suggests) and/or search their site for aups in general, and return codes in specific.

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Will do TYi will verify my other mailer plateforme on my PC

Following a test in sending an email, there is no failure arror message. Will attempt to redirect an email using GMail

I used Gmail to forward same message to another box and if worked with no problems.

This is an internal K9 error message.

I suspect that there is more to the error message than you included above. You may not be seeing it all, but if should have a 4xx or 5xx error code, and maybe some additional text.

What you are likely seeing is the reject message from your recipient’s mail server. As previously indicated, this is not an internal K-9 error message/code.

What mail service provider (MSP) do you have configured for the K-9 account you were sending from? What is the message recipient’s domain?

It is an IMAP server connection. I could plaste the full error if this would help

The full error is:
RBUOq12fox4VRRBYOq9w57 internal error AUP#EML-038

Didn’t you have problems sending? Then you should use an SMTP server. IMAP is for incoming email.

It cannot be the same message. At the very least the message ID and server ident different. Most MUA add “FW:” or similar to the topic. This can be enough for a server to handle the email differently (e.g., donto spam policies, etc.)

I assume that you are trying to send mail though a server not configured for the domain you are using. Thus you receive the AUP error. In general, it is not acceptable use to send mails from other domains (that is exactly what spammers do).

A similar issue has been discussed in the Mozilla support forum: How do I use an email address from my website? | Thunderbird Support Forum | Mozilla Support

Sending individual emails goes through without diffulties.
It is only on message Transfering that I received the K9 error.

Note that using Samsung, Blue.Mail or Gmail messaging application and repeating the same action goes through without errors.

Yesterday evening I replied to family members messages and I am awaiting confirmation of reception. Note that this type of message is a simple HTML reply without third party image and reference.

To the development team. I deleted the error messages and transferred it again without issues.

Great! At least it is working perfectly. Thanks everyone, close the ticket.