Message preview in new Message Notification


Since latest update I have this weird message preview in the new message notification and I can’t find a setting to get rid of it…
Could someone please point me into the right direction to get it back to having “5 new messages” instead of previews?


Not sure what you mean, but may this helps:

Settings / General Settings / Notifications / Lock Screen Notifications / New message count

I’m more concerned about the non-lockscreen notifications… As it’ll show like 2 mails as preview but not how many are actually there… So I could not see the important third mail if two unimportant ones are previewed… Which means a number would be much more helpful than a preview

And yes, I saw that setting in the changelog and checked it… But doesn’t solve the challenge :slight_smile:

For me it shows the number of new mails in the upper right corner of notification.