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Having been upgraded overnight the most pressing thing I need to do is to change what I see in the message list. Received messages display the “to” field - which is not very helpful. How can I change it to show the “from” field instead.

Many thanks

Bad form to reply to your own question - but I have something to add… there seems to be no way in the message list to distinguish sent and received messages - I realise most people may have them separated into different folders, but I prefer to see them altogether - and this (together with the original request which means I cannot see who the sender is on received messages) makes life a bit more difficult.

OK - this is beginning to look like a one man thread… some more info on this…

I have a number of email accounts set up - most of them using a server at my webhost (Kualo). The exception is a gmail account.

Today I noticed that all of the emails exhibit the problem highlighted above - so what I see in the message list is

To: (which is my email addresses)
1st line of message

The only exception is the gmail account which correctly shows who sent the message in the second of those three lines.

Is this a K9-mail issue or a server set up issue. The previous version of K9-mail worked OK - and Thunderbird that I use on my desktop also works OK (it identifies the field as “correspondents”)

Would be grateful if anyone can shed any light on this

Many thanks