Message Filtering Rules

Does K9 have message filtering rules? I am utilizing a Kyocera Force Pro 2, Android.

No, K-9 Mail doesn’t support message filtering.

Hi @cketti,

would you mind elaborating this a bit? Does K-9 do not support filtering because no one has implemented it yet (I perfectly understand the limited time you have as maintainer and developer), or there are some challenges regarding implementing such feature?

I’d appreciate your feedback here.


No one has implemented it yet. A challenge and probably 90% of the work is creating a decent user interface to manage filter rules.

For me it’s not a high priority. Filtering is something that should be done on the server, not by a client. Doing it client-side is especially annoying if you use multiple clients. Which, given that K-9 Mail is a mobile client, is the case for many of its users.