Memorize/recall last visited mail account on app start

Can you please recall the last viewed mail account, when opening the app? So that the app always opens into the last visited mail account.

Or if most people dont like this, please add a checkbox in the settings so that we can switch behaviours (open default <> open last visited account)

I’m using multiple mail accounts and currently the app always shows the default mail account. However I want the default account to be my main account for sending out mails but not always to be the default account for receiving mails.



If you set an account as “default account - send mail from this account by default”, under an account’s “general” settings, it will open by default when you open the app - regardless of account order. That doesn’t address your full request, but does it address your use-case need?

Nope :slight_smile: unfortunately not.

I don’t want the default account to be my default account for receiving mails. Also read my 3rd passage.

You could also define 2 default accounts in the settings like one for receiving mails and one for sending mails but that would be more cumbersome (usability wise) than just recalling the last visited account I would say.