Material You theme override?

Hi. I love this K-9 email app and I’ve been using it for years.

However, I recently upgraded to the newest beta (v6.901) the one that supports Material You and Material 3 theming, and it really looks awful now. It has this faded pink and off white color.

I am on an LG V60 which doesn’t really support theming or let you customize Material colors. It technically supports it since it is on Android 12 and 13, but it doesn’t actually implement system-wide colors as directed by google give the user any kind of palette control to work with. Instead it takes a “default” legacy look as in Android 11 and lower.

Could you provide a theme override option or selectable colors or SOMETHING so I could have the previous look of K-9 mail? Otherwise I’ll have to downgrade before this change, use that until it is no longer compatible, and then find something new :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve been using this email client for 10 years, I tell everybody about it, and I would pay real money right now for this issue to be resolved.

Do you also remember when k-9 had a lot of hard edges and square shapes in the GUI, such as the sender of each message being a big square? I would pay money to also have that style available. I love when I can theme any piece of software

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Pretty much the same here. Plus, the distinction between pastel pink and white is poor in sunlight.

I too have to agree. I had not noticed the update at first, and spent quite some time trying to figure out what had broken. This new theme color pallette is grotesque, to put it mildly!

K9, across the many years that I have also run it has generally been a very good piece of code, but alas, like a lot of things, it occasionally takes a huge step backwards. This is one of those times . . . It wasn’t broken, so why “fix” it?

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Its a beta. Either offer suggestions or revert to the stable release. Histrionics not required.

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It’s not histrionic. Mobile apps have a a history changing for the sake of fashion and new fashion “standards”, but not offering flexibility within them.

What am I supposed to suggest? I’m not a software developer. All I can really do is start a conversation and potentially incentivize fixing the problem by offering to pay if it’s implemented. I’m actually the kind of person that doesn’t get bent out of shape over paying for mobile apps or features (plugins). It makes a lot of sense to pay for the things you use on a daily basis, to keep them alive as well. Perhaps there could be a plug-in for k-9 that that’s the user dictate what kind of colors they want to use for material you instead of it having its own automatic pallet. Samsung has functionality like this at the OS level in oneui

And isn’t a beta is the best time to to have this kind of feedback?

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The idea is that in the future K-9 will use the color you select at OS level. That is not done yet. The red color is basically preparation for using the OS colors