Markdown support

// Don’t know if this already have been brought up. Made a search, but nothing on markdown

Since you can chose bewteen “plain text” and “HTML” for your emails, and there’s no rich-text editor… Wouldn’t markdown be great to have support for when composing your emails?

Have you ever considered that, or discussed it earlier perhaps?

Since markdown have a nice structure to it - those people who only recieve emails in plain-text will have an easy to read text anyway.

So, if possible to add to the wishlist - it’d be nice with markdown support, and a preview function (of course). Just like here on the forum.

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I still wonder if this forum supports assigning a “feature request” flag, somehow.

As a second thought: I use markdown every day, but on a 102-key keyboard. I now wonder if it is a good idea to use all of it on a android on-screen keyboard. Or if headings make sense in E-Mails. Printing text in bold and cursive using mark-down does feel right, though.

What has already lead to confusion in my working place (but only to a short confusion) was an engineer assuming that something will be <2 due to extended markdown sent a :heart: instead to one of her male colleagues.

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Thanks for the response. :+1: Yes, it could be challenging at times. But, just because there is support for it - one doesn’t have to use it. I just imagine that it would be easier to get formatting through markdown, instead of adding a RTE (rich text editor).

I use headings in emails - depending on what emails I write. Also in other texts… I also use markdown in other apps when writing text - not that it supports it, but for later use with other things where it does. It’s not that bad/hard to use the built in keyboard, but I usually connect my ext keyboard for anything I write that’s > 1 sentence. :smile:

Yes, and besides bold and italic - it’d be really useful to make list and codeblocks that way.