Mark e-mail as spam without opening it

After upgrading to V 5.8 I can find “Mark as spam” only in the “three dots menu” of an opened mail. In the previous versions I could long press an e-mail in the list and select “Spam” as one of the offered actions.
Could it be the case that I cannot mark an e-mail as spam without opening it? Or did I miss something?
Marking suspicious mails as spam without opening them is highly recommended and a user action that I use all the time.

Long press on the message to select it and there is a Spam entry in the three dot menu - or at least there is on my phone.


Right, this is the same for me on my S7 Edge.
Interestingly I do not see a “Mark as Spam” in the 3-dot menu of an opened mail. Does K9 behave differently on different phones / Android versions?

There’s a configuration option in Settings->General settings->Display->Visible message actions 2nd from bottom where you can set what items to display.

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There’s no spam button in the shared inbox either. How can I mark mails as spam in the shared inbox without opening them?

Message move operations in the unified inbox are currently being worked on