Mark e-mail as spam without opening it

After upgrading to V 5.8 I can find “Mark as spam” only in the “three dots menu” of an opened mail. In the previous versions I could long press an e-mail in the list and select “Spam” as one of the offered actions.
Could it be the case that I cannot mark an e-mail as spam without opening it? Or did I miss something?
Marking suspicious mails as spam without opening them is highly recommended and a user action that I use all the time.

Long press on the message to select it and there is a Spam entry in the three dot menu - or at least there is on my phone.


Right, this is the same for me on my S7 Edge.
Interestingly I do not see a “Mark as Spam” in the 3-dot menu of an opened mail. Does K9 behave differently on different phones / Android versions?

There’s a configuration option in Settings->General settings->Display->Visible message actions 2nd from bottom where you can set what items to display.


There’s no spam button in the shared inbox either. How can I mark mails as spam in the shared inbox without opening them?

Message move operations in the unified inbox are currently being worked on

I found that you needed to manually associate the Junk/Spam folder on K9 as the auto detect did not and did not tell you it hadn’t/couldn’t. Without the association the Spam option does not appear.

Go to the Account’s Settings - Folders - move down to Spam folder and select the folder for spam on the account. In my case that was on Zimbra and the folder was Junk.

Then so long as the K9 General Settings - Display - Visible Message Actions (almost bottom of list) has select Spam as an option ticked all worked fine.

For accuracy I selected the Trash Folder for Deleted items too just in case deleted items didnt sync properly.

Some mechanism to notify that the Auto selecting has not worked or a manual setup route with the account setup would be helpful options.

No problem for me. I select the mail, then press on the three points, select “déplacer” (in the french version) and then, I make the choice “bulk”. And it’s done.