Mark as unread in messages list - latest beta version

One question is - on messages list I read one message and after how i can mark this messages

as unread ???

On previous full version 5.600 was “mark messages as unread” in short menu after long press on message. And now - lost ?

Please - help me.

I agree with you. A long press works in 5.718 and no menu any more in 5.719.

What sucks more is that I was unable to downgrade to 5.718. The installer says the file appears to be corrupt! Getting ready to uninstall 5.719 completely and then reinstall 5.718.

Hopefully a developer reads this and identifies the bug and begins working on 5.720.

Feedback please…


Just open the email you want to mark unread and then tap on the little envelope icon in the title bar :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by “no menu”? I just ugraded to 5.719 and my menu is the same as before :woman_shrugging:

Yeah… Little envelope… Yes. Working. But… True. I haven’t menu too. Version 719. No dropdown menu after long press. Only select message action I can after long press. :grinning: