Manual sending emails doesnt work

I have like 20-30 emails stuck in outbox, cause i had a server auth error. The error message reads “rerries exceedes”.

So far so good, i ve fixed the auth issue and new emails send without any problems, but if i use " sned nessages" in the context menu of the outbox, all i get is the same error message.

What is going on? Why do i get the old error message even i resolved the issue and new messages go out without any quirks?

After realizing why my emails didnt got out, investing hours of reading, i found no solution… I am pissed rn… Anyone can help me an clearify whata going on?

Thanks in advance

There’s currently no way to reset the retry counter for sending a message. What you can do is move the messages to the drafts folder and then send them again.

Thanks for the answer.

It would be great, if the “send messages” option, would automatically do exactly that and then try to send all the messages again. And if it still fails, one would get the errors again anyway.
In this way I can try till I got my issues resolved.

Now i have the problem, that i vediscovered the problem just after a month and if I do your workaround, the messages would get sent, with the sent date and time from today, making it look like it took me a month to amswer.

If i could regularly send em, the would appear with the original send date and the recipients would get that the email was sent appropriately and just got stuck somewhere.

Could this behavoir be implemented into k9?

I dont get, what is the manual option to send messages than even there for, if it doesnt act like a reset button like on a machine :)?