Manual pop3 email check frequency?

In the mail check frequency there is the 15 mins the shortest interval and also no custom value possibility. Can you please add the custom value option? I’d like a shorter time.

I’m fairly certain that has been requested before but I think since Google doesn’t allow lower values any more that’s not possible.

Just use Push instead :slightly_smiling_face:

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What has Google to do about it?

I have 5 minutes setup on PC in The Bat! client on the same accounts.

Exactly that is the problem: on your PC you can do what you want. But on an Android phone google decides. This time they have decided that waking up a phone more than every 15 minutes draws too much energy. Also they synchronize the timers from your apps so they typically don’t expire after exactly minutes, but when the phone is awake already after about 15 minutes have passed.


Check out the feature request on GitHub for more details: Add support for poll intervals smaller than 15 minutes (foreground service) · Issue #5513 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

That’s pretty lame, IMHO, I read the Github thread and I agree with the guy that someone can have a real reason for faster intervals. I know about PUSH, I’ll give it a try.

By the way - what happens if the config file for K9 mail is manually modified with the interval 5 mins? Will it still be 15?

It depends on the Android API level you are on. If you are on API 31 (Android 12), it will not be shorter than 15 minutes, no matter what you put into the config. It is a limitation of the operating system.

You can always root your device and modify the API to circumvent this.

Alright. I have Android 11.

I think Google’s WorkManager library always uses a minimum of 15 minutes, no matter the Android version. So even if you tricked K-9 into requesting 5 minute intervals, the system would still just use 15 minutes internally.

Periodic polling every 5 minutes probably even needs more battery than just enabling push, while push gives you instant notifications and 5-minute polling doesn’t.

YESSSS a fellow pop3 user! :two_hearts: :pray: :raised_hands: :fist: :facepunch: :fist_left: