Managing identities

first: many thanks for k-9!!! and all the best in 2024 :candy:
i did not get identities work. it was easy to set up two other "alias"emailadresses. but the mails stuck in outgoing messages. as far as I see I made everything as descriped - but now I do not Know what to do further.

Maybe this is an issue of your mail provider. If you name it here then someone who is using the same maybe coukd try.
Also always good to mention concrete version of K9 and Android version / device being used.

Hi - I’m using two Samsung Tabs with Android 13 and LOS 20. K-9 version 6.713
To clearify the issue: Standardadress is a and I want to add an . It isn’t very probable that the used names are causing the problems. I guess it is a fault in the configuration of the k-9-account but I don’t know what to change.

I did not try - but I could guess of some reasons why does not like to accept mails being sent as from But I would expect an error message - maybe in the logs? Will try later…

Ok, tried it to send from my account as an alternative identity using

It results in this error notification and mail stays unsent in Outbox:

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Thanks for trying! Frustrating!

Don’t you get the same notification? I think this is just a restriction by - and to be honest: I fully understand them that they do reject it.

But if you have both and account - why not simply have both accounts in K9 and then you can send mails from account and mails from gmx account.

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