Mails sent by additional identity don't show in sent folder


have been using K9 for a few years now. Increased the use of alias mail addresses more in the recent months. Sending mail under the alias works quite well with the “identity” feature in K9 Mail.

Using IMAP. I realized that only the mails sent under the main/default identity are placed into the IMAP “Sent” folder (as configured in K9 settings). Mails which are sent under the additional identities are not placed in the “Sent” folder - nor can I find them anywhere else. Maybe the setting to save a copy of it only applies to the main identity?

Mails is being send to the recipient properly, its just that a copy of the mail is not saved in “Sent” when sending under the non main/default identity.

Is there something I am missing?

Version 6.804

Thanks, morv