Mailbox size, Recreate, Print, Find - do they exist?

Hi, I’m looking for a few things in the 5.8 K-9:

  1. Mailbox size? Somewhere in 5.6 it would tell me how much space each account was taking up, is that in 5.8?
  2. Recreate Mailbox? I’m not sure if that’s exactly what it was called, I remember there were two or three variations on this with varying levels of cautionary text next to each (e.g., “Last Resort, Danger, etc.”). I did this on occasion because, at least in 5.6, when you deleted items from your Trash, all the space was not recovered, so your mailbox continually grew even though it was empty. This was reported long ago and the response was “Eh, it’s only a few megabytes, who cares.” But I’m a programmer and it’s like a memory leak that doesn’t go away when you reboot, if you don’t want to fix it that’s fine but at least I had a Recreate option to recover the space that way. Is it in 5.8?
  3. Find: Not sure if it was in 5.6 but when I’m reading a message, can’t I do a Find/Search?
  4. Print: Not sure if it was in 5.6, but is there no way to Print a message?