Mail with attachments doesn't automatically send

When I attach a photo to an email and send it, it never sends. I have to go back to my Outbox and select Send mail. Yet there is no way that I can find to tell K-9 to send automatically. What am I missing? I have not changed my device, a Samsung Galaxy S-22, nor my version of K-9, version 6.801.

Without attachments sending works fine?
What mail provider do you use? Maybe a K9 debug log might help

Without attachments, sending works fine. My email provider is Verizon, which is now part of AOL mail. I don’t know how to get a K9 debug log.
HOWEVER, I just went to run a test, since I have two email providers, one from my job, and this morning I successfully sent mail with attachments from BOTH accounts. No clue as to why now and not for weeks prior.

But as it is working now this no longer will be necessary

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