Mail content empty/invisible

I’m using K9 6.202 on Android 12.
Suddenly, all my mails appear to be empty, like this:

The weird thing is that the content is visible in the notification bar,

and when I tap the edit button in the reply interface

Evidently, the mail is on my device and not faulty, yet it isn’t displayed properly. Why?


I have no solution. But as your K9 seems to use a different theme for message view (light) than for composing (dark) it might be related to it. Could you try to use a single theme, at least as a test?

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I tried both. Neither all black nor all light solve the problem.

Does this happen with all mail or only selective such as GitHub?

It might be an issue with improper HTML and plain alternative. A while back I had similar issue with mails from one sender (a newsletter). After changing my preference to plaintext only (i.e., disabling HTML), the newsletters were displayed properly.

However, this obviously was sender-side setting in my scenario. I do not know if it applies to your case as well.

A different idea I just had: Have you tried emptying K-9’s cache and force re-downloading the mails?


Deleting the cash somehow did it. Thanks :slight_smile: