Made a Tough Decision

After taking time to work with K-9 v.5.8 for a while and considering the confrontational way the developer(s) reacted to those explaining their strong dislikes regarding the new version, it seems very evident to me that the K-9 team will be taking their product in a direction that doesn’t suit my needs.

I have removed K-9 Mail from my phone. I’ve loved and used this app for quite a few years to handle my 10 email accounts so this has not been easy.

But I have installed and configured the FairMail app. It does everything that K-9 Mail v.5.6 did and more. I’m very happy I found it.

I would like to thank the developers of K-9 for the years of great service the app provided me until now.


Can anyone share screenshot how does “overview screen” equivalent looks on fairemail ? All I can find in web is unified folder screenshots. Obviously I dont want/dont need to use that feature at all. Seperate e-mail accounts should stay seperate not mixed together.

of course… here is my screenshot with unrecognizable parts on my mailboxes.

i deleted k9 mail after 10 years of use and found with fairmail an top mail app for all of my phones.
i recommend it.

Does Fairmail offer vibration pattern notification and a working notification light?
These were the reason why we used K9. Now that these features were removed, I, my family and some friends are looking for an alternative.

The only app which is exactly the same as the old k-9 Mail is Open Mail.

Which is really v5.301 of K-9, isn’t maintained ans has had no bug fixes, or any other activity in a ver long time.
Just use v5.600 as described in plenty of posts already :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t matter if it is not “exactly the same”. I just need working notifications. We all bought smartphones with notification lights and with version 5.8 they became useless.
I went back to 5.6 as a workaround. If you ask me, all the work that has gone into the project to make a current (broken) 5.8 out of an old (but working) 5.6 was for the birds.
And looking at the ratings and comments on Google Play, if nothing happens real soon, K9 goes down the drain.

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@blubbb: If you have samsung phone and your phone model is supported I recommend to try app aodNotify as replacement for notifications. Since my new phone does not have notification led I switched to that and it works just fine.

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You can choose an overall sound notification for receiving email from the list (but not for individual accounts), different ways to display message alert texts on your screen, but I’ve found no way to have a different vibration pattern notification for FairEmail other than the overall phone one that you set in settings for the entire phone.

To be honest, I am rather surprised about all these angry posts. I am quiete grateful to get an app for free and to participate from developers’ work.
Besides I think it is good for all of us to know our devices - it’s no good idea to leave it all to G & A.


I really tried to like 5.8. I can live with most of the changes but I really miss swipe right to select. But this last update, 5.802, is the one forcing me to go back to 5.6. After the update my phone kept running warm. I checked the battery usage and K-9 used 86% of my battery in 6.5 hours just running in the background! It never did that before. The phone even gave me a warning about K-9 using too much battery but I just dismissed it. Switching back to 5.6 now. Wish me luck with my 11 accounts.


After some pain because I didn’t save some of those 16 character app passwords that K-9 needs for Google and yahoo accounts that use 2-step verification, I’m back in action with 5.6 and loving life again. Now I just have to remember not not click Update All in the play store and Update apps individually.

Thank-you for the tip on FairMail. Going to be a bit of a learning curve for all the features but had my mail accounts up and running perfectly in about7 or 8 minutes each. So far - wonderful! Thanks again.

Fairmail has its own issues. E.g., the PGP implementation is sloppy. PGP/mime vs PGP inline. Lots of emails cannot be decrypted, signatures not verified.