Love the new interface

Just wanted to say it looks clean, professional, easy to use and no longer clunky. Thanks!


I have been using the beta for a long time before the update - because I like the new version. No complaints from me, neither.


So you’re the two guys that are happy with it ? I thought your existence was a urban legend. :wink:


This old lady is happy with it too and has been for monthssss (used the Beta as well) :heart_eyes:

yours is a fake profile, you’re neither old nor a lady

And you clearly don’t get around much in the Android world or you’d know how wrong that statement is … :roll_eyes:

I have to say that I don’t like it. I use k9 with multiple email accounts and what I miss is the status screen showing all accounts, unread emails and the option to just filter unread ones. (Green circle)

Right now, I am just overwhelmed and I don’t have the feeling that I don’t see what’s new or have to click and swipe more to view the new email.


The new ui is brilliant. Does every thing I need including the account overview. The quicker the flat earthers depart the better.

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I like the new UI … Well done!

But there is still something I wasn’t able configure:

Only one line per message in message list … As it was possible in older releases …

Me too I love the new interface, I have only one account, I don’t receive any emails, I never open K9, so I don’t understand why all the people are not exactly like me.
And it’s not just with K9 it’s everyday in my life with everything.
I’m so happy that the developer didn’t listen to any of the full spectrum of comments, from the most polite suggestions to the angry explanations.
Thank you thank you thank you :grin:

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That is correct: Google no more allows for timers that allows apps to wake up the phone more often than 4 times per hour: This saves energy. If you are lucky, though, they allow your IMAP connection to send push notifications to your phone when you receive mails