Lost Empty Trash in new version 5.8

I just installed version 5.8 and getting accustomed to the new user interface.

I tried everything but I can’t find any more the “Empty Trash” option that was available in the ‘log press’ menu of each mailbox in the old initial screen.

Is it available anywhere else?

Thank You

When you open the trash folder, it has an “empty trash” button in the 3-dot overflow menu

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I’m not going to complain here since I see so many threads of discussion focused on features disappeared in the latest version, including the initial screen and the long press menus.
I’d just remark that such a frequently used app needs to have an ‘efficient’ UI allowing to perform common tasks with the shortest possible number of actions.
Now emptying trash requires 3 times more strokes.


Why do I first have to open the trash folder to delete its content?

The more I try to get familiar with the new UI, the more I don’t understand its workflows.

Somehow it seems to be an optical redesign by loosing every sight of usability - it looks quite nice, but working effectively is turned off…



How often do average users clear the trash? Once a month? Every 3 months? Never? If an action that is rarely used needs more clicks and then in return makes daily used menus less cluttered, I would consider this a positive thing.


Synchronizing trashfolders need time and reduce available data-amount when not logged in into lokal WiFi, so deleted Mails are removed when I know to be dependant on mobile data. Several times a week.

I empty trash if each account at least once per day.
I currently use 5 POP3 accounts on 2 PCs and the phone, the phone is the device I use first in the day, I remove all the spam and useless messages before starting any of the PC so I don’t have to do it twice.

In any case the root of the problem is not here, it’s all about the disappeared long press menu throughout the new K9, this caused the loss of so many useful functions without any advantage that I can see.
Please don’t tell me the new interface is esthetically better, I need to use the app, not just stare at the screen.
Enzo Ferrari used to say “a beautiful car is a car that wins the races”

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Where has *anything * been made less cluttered?
seriously, you’re falling for the lazy developers lies on this. Nothing has improved here. It has become easier for the developers to update its code, since they now simply copy paste from existing apps. The main reason k9 was so good was because it used and maintained uniquely written code. It made it stand out. They have thrown this out because it was harder to work with, it’s nothing but laziness.

My primary reason for using k-9 is because I have over 10 different email accounts. Each of them can get 10+ emails per day… a couple of them get at least 30 per day.
So, I’m looking at a thousand or more emails going to trash per week. It adds up really quickly. To have to go into each account and empty the trash, it’s 3 x10 touches.
I used to be able to empty all trash at the global level. Why can’t that capability be reintroduced?
It looks like the whole concept of Global vs local has been discarded. It’s one of the more powerful features of the old platform. Please reconsider the global concept.