Log out of phone that has been stolen

My phone (where I connected my email account on K-9) has been stolen. I would like to log out from K-9 from my computer to make sure the people who stole my phone cannot access my email account. How can I do that?

Thanks for your help

Best way would be to change the passwords on all the mail accounts that K9 was accessing on the lost/stolen device.

Hopefully you had an encrypted file system and a pin code/password to unlock the phone.

Not sure what you mean by “log out from K-9 from my computer”.

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just to add a little to that, if these are gmail accounts and so you are using app passwords or oauth2 you can disable those in the security section of your google account. [when using app passwords i create different ones for each device so that i can disable it on one device and not effect others.]

i will assume that the same ability to disable app passwords/oauth2 exists for yahoo and m$ accounts, but i don’t have any so don’t know details.


I see, thanks for you replies !