List of free email services that work with K9 Mail?

Since all of the BS with Gmail and now requiring you to register every Gmail account you have to your device through Q Auth.

What other free email providers that run POP& IMAP, SMTP are there that work with K9?

I tried Proton mail but they don’t support pop or imap.

Who else has good secure email for free ( or a small fee $1 / month) that doesnt require Q auth that you’d recommend?

Basically looking for free BS emails I can provide for website sign ups, Craigslist accounts, etc I can access through K9 for verrifications. To keep all of the BS out of my real email


No one. It costs money to provide services. You can pay with your money, your own time and effort (if you have the ability run your own mailserver), or your personal privacy, but TINSTAAFL.

This will be entirely subjective and is dependent on what you consider to be ”small". I consider $5/mo per user like Fastmail charges for their standard plan to be a small fee. Your budgetary requirements might disagree.

This also hinges on how you define secure. For some users, K-9 and OpenKeychain in conjuction with any standards compliant email service like Fastmail may suffice. Without knowing your threat model and desired outcome it is hard to make recommendation, especially as someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with OAuth.

I’m not shilling for Fastmail. They just have a good reputation and are going to be a relatively easy solution compared to other options I could reccomend, some of which wouldn’t meet your criteria.


You could try Posteo. We switched account sign-up as well as forum notifications to them as they remove the sending server’s IP from the header before forwarding to the next MTA.

We were suffering from a massive DDOS after the attacker(s) found our server’s IP through the emails the server sent (Cloudflare can’t mitigante DDOS directly addressed at the server’s IP). So we desperately looked for a way to send mails without exposing the new server’s IP after switching server’s/IPs. That’s how we ended up with Posteo, and we are very satisfied. And, it’s just 12 €/year.


That’s actually pretty impressive!

I’m using Braxmail which costs $50 USD. But I don’t mind the cost because Rob Braxman (the cybersecurity white hat that runs the forum) is doing everything he can to suggest ways to keep our data from being collected by BigTech. Braxmail works fine with K-9. provide free email accounts. I use them in the same way I used to use my gmail account: mostly for signing up to services to whom I don’t want to give my main email address.

They are pretty good: based in Germany, so all data is subject to GDPR. You can handle your mail either in a browser or in an email client. They support PO3 and IMAP. Their Mail Collector feature allows you to collect e-mail from all your other e-mail accounts into a single GMX account. I use that to pick up any email that does come in to my Gmail account.

Overall I would recommend them even for a main email address. They will certainly be suitable for your purpose.

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