List of folders - New UI

I’m a happy user of K-9 Mail since years.

For the aesthetic, the choices are yours.

There is however a problem (at least for me) with the new UI. In one of my email account, I have between 1000 and 2000 subfolders, which I usually don’t check (essentially for archiving purpose). But when I must find a particular email in a particular folder, it’s almost impossible with the new UI for two reasons:

  • there is no more search button for folders, which implies that you have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll… to find your folder. If the name begins with z, it means something like 2000 folders to scroll…
  • the ui is designed so that all the more or less long folder names are cut in the middle. My folders are named like Myspecialbox.smith_jake.lastbusinesswemadetogether. And all that appears is Myspecialb…detogether. How to find smith in it ?
    So I would suggest to bring back the search folder button (which still exist, but only to select a special folder setting and not to go in this folder).
    Or did I miss something ?
    Best regards

I totally agree with the original post.

A search button within the side bar, right besides the update button would be pretty nice, I agree with this post

Yes, I used this function quite often, and now I miss it!