List of email accounts / left side menu

Guys, I was redirected here by @cketti when I asked for some features.
Is it really the right place?

It’s related to the old list of inbox view which was probably discussed many times.
But how about a different approach. Let’s leave the new one but allow users to tweak what can be seen

Here is what I wrote:

I am trying to switch from old k-9 layout to the new one but being long time k-9 user I have some habits.
I use multiple email accounts. Would it be possible to add some features (options in settings)?

  • To display left side menu with always collapsed list of folders (so I could see the rest of the account names)
  • To add count of starred emails next to each account name, close to the number of unread emails
  • To add feature to display left side menu open by default when I open the app

All of that completely optional in the settings.
I believe this would help switching to the new app which otherwise is awesome by the way.