List email accounts on opening K-9

Am totally new to K-9 mail although I have been using a “spin-off” Airmail for a number of years. I have just upgraded to a Huawei P30 Pro (Android 10) and, whilst airmail works, it likes to default to a landscape view giving little space to compose message - hence the change.
Downloaded the current K-9 from PlayStore and imported all 8 accounts from airmail without issue - once I located my passwords!

Downloaded and installed v5.717 from GitHub and like the updates that I have noticed (all bar the Android 10 limit of 15 minute checking time). All notifications appear to work correctly. Pulling down the unified inbox does give refresh.

However… How can I see a list of my 8 accounts and the number of emails in each please? I have searched so far as I can and do not see a way to enable this.

The only way I can see all the accounts is by going into the app settings which is great for maintenance etc. If I press the “down” arrow when an individual account is highlighted I get the list of accounts but no count of emails therein. Have I missed something?

In the unified inbox, is there an option to sort via account? I find it awkward to move from account to account as I go through the list.

Thanks for any help you can give and very pleased with the update - thanks again for this. Let me know if you need any further information.

There’s a feature request to add the number of unread messages to the account switcher in the side drawer. See

Thanks for the update