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I have granted address book permission to k9mail but no addresses are displayed when I begin typing in the “to” field so I have to type every address in full every time. Can anyone help? Android 10. Blackview BV6300 Pro de-Googled. K9 downloaded from APK Pure. Other email clients are linking to the address book but I rather favour k9.

I do not know why this is not working for you. Also you do not say which version you are using.

But in my opinion better to use the original APKs from K9 git page:

Latest Beta:

Lates official release:


Many thanks for your quick response.

After hours of trying to find the problem and identify what is causing it I gave up and went for the nuclear option of a factory reset and took your advice to use the latest official K-9 beta release from the git hub page.

I’m afraid this has made no difference. K-9 installs and everything works perfectly except the link to my Contacts. When I click on the Compose button and then the three menu dots at the top right and select Add from Contacts I am asked to select an app to perform this action. My Contacts app is shown. I select the app but when the Contacts page opens in K-9 there is no content. Other email apps such as Blackberry Hub+inbox, Blue Mail and Spike all show the contacts list as expected.

I have also installed the K-9 beta release on my Blackberry Priv (Android 6) which I am retiring and find that K-9 works perfectly including accessing my contacts. Hence I am wondering if there might be some incompatibility or bug in Android 10 which is preventing the contacts list from showing.

A bit of background. I have always been a Blackberry user. My current phone is a Priv which comes with the excellent Blackberry Hub suite which includes its own Contacts app. I am having to replace it as it is stuck at Android 6 and is now struggling and becoming unstable. As Blackberry is no longer producing phones I opted for a Blackview BV6300 Pro which runs a pretty much stock version of Android 10. I have installed the Blackberry Hub suite on the phone and use its Blackberry Contacts app. The phone’s Contacts app which came pre-installed is disabled. In case the problem was with the Blackberry Contacts app I have re-enabled the pre-installed app and tried K-9 with that but the result is the same - a blank contacts list.

The reason I am looking for an alternative to Blackberry Hub for email now is that although it comes pre-installed ad free on Blackberry devices and is free to use, if you install it on a non-Blackberry device it is a subscription app unless you are prepared to live with endless intrusive ads. It’s only $1 per month which is not a problem but the only way to subscribe is via Google in the Google Play Store which requires having a Google account and entering card details to permit recurring collection of the subscription by Google. I do not want a Google account under any circumstances.

Any further input from you will be welcome. Do you think I should log this as a bug report with GitHub? For the time being, in the absence of a solution, I will keep K-9 installed for receiving mail but use Blue Mail for sending.


Ian Jeffrey

Dear Stphn

Further to my earlier email I am delighted to report that K-9 is now functioning with access to my Blackberry contacts folder.

I found that the native Google contacts app on the phone was interfering even though it was empty and disabled

I deleted all my contacts from the blackberry app and then uninstalled it and rebooted the phone. After reinstalling the blackberry contacts app and populating it from a vcf backup everything on K-9 started working perfectly.

I am very grateful for your time and input on this. A good result in the end is always uplifting.

Best regards.

Great to hear! Could you please mark this thread as solved by flagging one of the messages as solution?

Thanks. I have done that today.

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