Let's show some love for the developers!

Let’s show some love for the developers!

After a few days of reflection and criticism, I’ve come to the conclusion that (negative) criticism of the recent changes to the app we love so much won’t solve the problem alone.

I can well imagine how it feels when the current work is suddenly not appreciated. After all, the developers will probably have acted with only the best of intentions (for us). Therefore, I have now donated a few Euros to express my gratitude for the work done so far. To my shame, I have not done this so far. I guess it’s better for all of us to motivate the developers for the future instead of punishing them. Therefore, I will also delete my negative review in the Play Store.

I want to let the developers know that we love K9.

And even if they decide that K9 will be different in the future, we had very good years with the app. I just wish the developers would take the criticism from users here to their heart.

So again, thank you for a wonderful app that has been with us faithfully for many years!
I will stay with v5.600 as long as possible. I can’t push myself to use v5.800 with pleasure.
And why should I?

I hope that many of the users here will join the cause.

Thank you!

10€ donated.


Agree, how to donate?

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here you go:

I spent via PayPal.

To have an onetime-contribution make sure you choose first a yearly contribution-plan (and then choose only a ONE-year payment!) of your preferred amount. After the payment (message from PayPal) make sure you delete the contribution-plan within your liberapay-account to not have further automatical payments.

Thank you!

Until I see any onus on the devs part for the destruction of the app…


At the moment supporting the FairEmail project seems like a better use of funds as it’s developer seems to care what their users want.


Again: it’s the developers project, free for us to use.

We can’t demand anything from them nor expect anything if we’re not willing to contribute anything.
Nothing in life comes without costs. K9 has served us very well for many years, without hassle, without ads.

It’s time for us to pay something back.

Then you’re in a position to kindly ask for changes.


Why would I pay while the dev arrogantly dismisses our concerns?

You want me to pay and still have to switch to FairEmail? That doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve already stated I would pay to have the old UI back with the backend improvements of 5.8. However FairEmail is already mostly there and the pro version is $10 CAD which seems more than fair.

If the devs would back down from their high horse arrogant position, admit fault and give a map to what the future is like; only then would I consider contributing to the project. As it stands my contribution would be supporting the current behavior.


I don’t want you to do anything. I respect your opinion.

My 10 bucks are only a very little payback for all the years K9 served me well. I can still use v5.600 for free. But I’m not in a position to demand anything from anyone unless I’m willing to pay my fair share.

Best wishes.

It’s still donation-based though and free to use for everyone, unlike ordinary crowdfunding.
We can’t expect to get good software ‘out of the sky’ forever. It still requires really people involved we can’t expect to forever work on their own costs/motivations.

It’s been a great program for me for many years.


Please note the current dev’s have nothing to do with the program that you loved.


We can’t expect anything since he doesn’t care and is only coding for his own personal wants and nothing else.


It’s his project, so he can do whatever he wants. For us it’s only important to know his further ambitions. Then we’ve all the important informations to make our own decisions.
He mentioned earlier to think about an easy reinstallation of the account overview, so that’s where my hope is. Otherwise we’re all free to move on to other shores, as sad as it would be. But that’s the way it is …

It’s not ‘his’ project! He could have forked it and do whatever he likes!

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I must also agree that paying money right now is like offering ransom to the hostage-takers without getting your loved one back yet.

If we truly believe that money talks, then let’s see a price tag for the changes and fixes which are so badly needed. Many FOSS projects have bounties for specific features, etc.

Let’s have a bounty set up and defined for:

  • bringing back the old Account Overview display
  • bringing the message controls back to the bottom of the screen
  • fixing the contrast in the dark theme
  • essentially giving people their old UI back

… set the price for that and let people donate. If the donations are reached, money gets charged and held in an escrow account, released when the changes are pushed.

That’s how you solve this with money for developers, in my view.


Agree. Who’s to take the next step?

Anyone with a https://www.bountysource.com account?

Well, so let’s first see where @cketti is on this proposal before we take further actions.