LED & Vibrate Notification missing from 5.7.24


On my new ASUS Zenfone MAX Pro M1 with LineageOS 16 and K9 Email 5.7.24 the LED & Vibrate notification settings are missing from Settings -> Accounts -> Notifications.

My previous phone Xiaomi Mi Max with LineageOS 14.1 and the same K9 Email 5.7.24 those settings are present.

The only difference is I don’t have any gapps nor google framworks on my new Zenfone Max Pro M1, and on the Mi Max I had Microg installed but only for the GPS.

Does anyone else have this problem?


These options are handled by the Android system in LineageOS 16. Press the “Notification settings” button to show the system notification settings.

Hi @ByteHamster,

Oh! I see it now… silly me :slight_smile: