Layout and functionality

Is it possible to bring back the old layout? That the mayor buttons are in the bottom of screen? And how to mark messages as unread and spam now? Anyhow, why is less functionality in this version as in the one before the big release?


All of these questions have been answered so many times in so many different threads already, I’m sure you can find them if you look :wink:

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The maintainer of this project is anti user and will not change the UI against theirs and google vision.

I suggest you check out FairEmail and see if it’s customization options satisfy what you are missing from the new K-9. It is also open source.

I’ve been trying FairEmail and functionally it’s almost everything I wish K9 was. But there are a few things I don’t like about it that keep me with K9 5.6 and hoping a K9 future release brings back what we lost with 5.6. The first problem I have with FairEmail is that with all of the available swipe options, select isn’t one of them. You still have to long press to select the first email. And then selecting more messages is sluggish. When I start tapping fast, it misses many of them. I am using swipe to delete but it’s still slower and more error prone than 5.6 was, where you can swipe to select first email, quickly tap the rest and then hit delete.
Another problem is a philosophical one with the developer of FairEmail. I can understand his gung-ho approach to privacy but I would like the option to store emails in external SD storage vs. internal memory. Yes I understand other apps can get to your email if it’s on the SD card. But I have accounts where I’m more concerned with keeping a lot of history on the phone than with preventing malicious apps from getting to my emails so I’d like to have that choice on an account basis. That way I don’t end up burning several gigs of precious internal memory on emails. K9 5.6 gives me that choice.
There’s a few other little things that bother me about FairEmail but nothing I couldn’t get past if those points above are addressed. I can’t wait for K9 to get back to where it was.


There is also a K9 fork which I use, OpenMail.
It is exactly what K9 was before the UI change.
All I want is to open with the overview to see if anything needs my attention. If not, I don’t have to do more. A unified inbox doesn’t provide the overview - I have to read the text to see ehat neefs my attention. Ho hum.

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You seem to be recommending OpenMail in several threads.
As this thread explains, OpenMail is a very old fork of K-9 which does not appear to be maintained, and will be far behind recent versions of K-9 in terms of bug fixes and features.

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Fair comment - I must admit I hadn’t checked for currency. It has a couple of features I like but it’s a shame that we’re not getting at least the ability to start K9 in the account overview - which is all most dissenters require and which OpenEmail offers (and the ability to hide unified inbox and “all messages”).

Thanks for correcting my error :slight_smile:

Just wait for K-9 6.200. It’s on the agenda.

Old layout with the buttons on the bottom to allow for one-handed use; compact layout of inbox to see more messages; compact layout of email message header to not waste so much screen space; mailbox color the height of the message in the unified inbox to return that feature’s usefulness; and a future warning before updating that everything great is about to go away.