Kindness / Support

Anyone on a forum about an Open Source email client cares about Open Source.

There’s been a backlash against the new UI introduced in v5.8. I myself have temporarily pinned to v5.6.

I think @cketti has handled the backlash well. Tempers of the users have been quite heated, and many comments have been hurtful, but @cketti has remained calm throughout, and continued to engage productively with the userbase. This Why was the account overview screen useful? is an excellent and timely response.

I hope the love that the current developers have shown to this app and the time that they pour into it continues, and that in time they can look back on this as a challenge which they overcame, and learn & grow from the experience. I really, really hope that no one is discouraged from continuing to work on this project.

Inspired by https:// , I’ve just donated to the K9 project. I’ve used this app for free for years, it’s time to give something back.