Key was not find

K9 does not find a key in Open Key Chain although key set up.

Which key do you mean?

Your own private key to sign or decrypt messages?
→ Make sure you import the entire set of your public AND private key. Make sure the key’s alias (i.e. the mail address) matches you account address.

Somebody else’s public key to verify their signatures or send them encrypted mails?
→ Make sure you have set a trust level for the key. E.g., you could cross-sign the key.


My own key is not displayed in K-9 e-mail although Open Key Chain is installed and a master key is stored key can be selected so I can write if the encryption or decrypting works. Can it be that K-9 and Open Key Chain no longer work together? Which PGP program for Android still works with K,-9

What do you mean by that? OpenKeychain does neither support key generation keys nor key encryption keys.

Have you checked the guides on how to make K-9 and OpenKeychain aware of eachother. E.g., there is a guide for Xiaomi devices, that can be adapter for others.

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It was a good Tip. Xiaomi has make the Problem, now ist run good.
Habe a nice day and thx.


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Great to hear!
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