K9mail migrated to Microsoft’s exchange server

Hello everyone,

I’m currently a student working on my final year project (PFE). The company I’m working with has asked me to establish a connection between the K-9 Mail application and the Microsoft Exchange server. After conducting extensive research, I came across several potential solutions, such as utilizing an API. However, these attempts proved unsuccessful. Subsequently, I was informed that it is not possible to connect the application without working alongside the Exchange server administrator to configure the server settings. This process involves enabling access and synchronization with K-9 Mail, which may require the implementation of Exchange ActiveSync or other protocols for mobile device access.

I am seeking assistance and advice on how to proceed with this challenge. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

K-9 is a standards-based IMAP client, with support for standards-based POP. MSexchange runs a proprietary mail application which is not compatible with the standards. IMAP, and I believe POP (I’m not certain how close the implementations are to the standards), can be enabled by a MSexchange administrator, so you will need to talk with them to see if they will turn it on.

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