K9Mail 6.400 drained battery on Samsung Phone & Tablet

Hi - I love K9 Mail, have been using it for many years. Works Great! However, in the last few weeks, just once each on my Samsung S21 Phone and my Samsung S7+ Tablet (both running Android 13, One UI 5.1, K9 Mail 6.400) K9 Mail ran my battery down to 0%. (When I look at “Battery Usage” I see K9 Mail with like 75-80% of the usage).

In both cases, it’s -possible- that it was due to an area with low mobile data coverage so it may have been straining to check IMAP Mail (or hung trying to do so). I’m not sure of this, but it’s possible. I really don’t know the cause. However, it is very concerning and so I am reporting it. Hopefully you guys already know about this issue and have a fix or can roll us back to a more stable version. Please ;et me know if you need any other info. Reach me at [address removed].


i have seen this issue with K9 in poor connectivity environments. i have a pixel 5 and a 6a, both on (US) t-mobile 5g. the 5g specs for the two devices are slightly different. i don’t have issues with the 5, but the 6a seems to have heavy battery drain when the connectivity is iffy. i throttled syncing on the 6a and haven’t looked at this in a bit, so it’s possible that recent updates (both android and k9) have resolved it, but your experience would imply not. i plan to look at it again when i get android 14beta in a couple of weeks.

Low/weak connectivity situations do tend to consume more battery for the device, as they often have to boost their signal to compensate. Essentially, it’s yelling.

Yes - but these situations have existed for years, and K9 Mail only recently started running the battery to 0

and in my case, it only seems to impact my pixel 6a, not my 5. both devices have the same android and k9 releases and had the same mail account setups. i still have my 5 doing full syncing of all my accounts, with no issues while i have had to throttle things on the 6a to keep it (seemingly k9) from killing off the battery.