K9 with outlook.office.com/mail

long time K9 user with Postfix/Dovecot, never a problem

I was just given a mail account with employer using outlook-office-com-mail
" Open (outlook office com) in a web browser on your desktop or mobile device"
that takes me to employer’s web page where after authenticating I end up at outlook.office.com/mail

I was not given any pop/imap/smtp servers/protocols, etc, I’ll try to get such from them tomorrow
I’ve seen at times various posts regarding MS mail server access, but, never followed any as had no real need (till now…)

I’ve looked in FAQs here, tried the servers as in FAQ, didn’t get very fair:
user or pwd incorrect command sensitive response #3# NO LOGING failed

at this point I’m not sure I’m using correct servers and/or password

dumb question:
is K9 compatible with commercial office/outlook services ?
any tips and shortcuts appreciated…

meanwhile, I’ve notice in Outlook I have a settings to forward to another account, so I guess I can access my emails that way

TIA, Voytek

K9 will work with commercial mail services if they offer/support standards-based imap and pop. MS offers a (more or less) standards-based imap, but whether it is enabled for your employer’s instance is a separate issue. What you described is (only) getting you to a captive webmail environment. What is happening behind that login redirect may cause you problems, unless you are able to do a direct login.

Thanks for reply, explanations, and, arming me with better terminology, once I know correct IMAP/SMTP hosts, I’ll try again.


Even if it is technically possible, your employer may have policies that prohibit doing that. One of my former employers - a smartphone manufacturer - had a policy that any technical emails going outside the company’s domain must be PGP encrypted. If the mails were being read on a mobile device, the device had to be fully encrypted. Worth asking your tech support people if they have any similar policies before you setup mail forwarding.

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thanks, I think you’re right - getting nothing, even though, once I open the page it ‘warns me’ “email is forwarded”
I’ll asks next time I call them
basically, Support folks told me “don’t have such information”
**… is requesting to access his @xyz email via the Outlook application on a personal device. I advised that this is not supported and we do not have the server information necessary to provide. Advised that access is supported via Outlook.office.com **
meanwhile, my boss told me:
I believe you can. I have tried a few email clients like iOS Mail, and macOS Mail, etc. and they all worked.
Since xyz emails are Microsoft Exchange accounts integrated with single sign-on, most email clients can detect this automatically and redirect you to the single sign-on page during setup. You do not need to manually enter IMAP/SMTP info.
I do find Microsoft Outlook the best when it comes to handling Microsoft Exchange accounts. However, feel free to use another email client if you’d like to unify things in one place.

dumb question…: if I set Outlook or something, retrieve some emails, will I be able to make educated guess at host required ? from settings ? mail headers ? tea leaves/coffee dregs?
I haven’t been able to find mail header so far in current emails
or am I wasting mine (and everyone’s) time?
I like my K9… works for me

TIA, Voytek