K9 v5.733: view not updated / synced correctly


view area is not always synced correctly with selected message, e.g. of your inbox.

Selecting an email in your inbox list, message is shown as expected. But changing your location, e.g. to a different folder not having selected any message there, old message is still shown in view area. That’s quite misleading, in particular in trash bin.

Please, could you always update view area depending on message, currently selected and also empty view area if no message is selected (as it is at startup).

Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand. Can you attach screenshots to illustrate the behavior?

…thanks for your reply, it is quite easy:

  • no email is shown at startup until you choose one out of the list: correct behavior
  • email is shown after having chosen one out of the list: correct behavior
  • changing folder, e.g. to trash bin, there no email out of the new, current list is chosen, but old email is still shown: behavior here should be an empty view again and not the old email not chosen anymore in the current view

Thanks a lot.

I see. So you’ve enabled split screen mode and the message view isn’t reset when changing folders.

…yes, it’s on a tablet

…thank you for having updated this issue in 734:

Now, view on split screen is reset changing the folder, perfect, but still not fixed completely. If you long press a message / email and delete it afterwards, then view is still not reset correctly, the deleted message, not in the list anymore, is still shown…

Thanks a lot!