K9 updated two days ago and its sucking my battery life

I loved my old K9 e mail app. It was smooth, simple and very easy and I had it set up to not check e mail until I checked it manually.

With the new version, it is checking my e mail constantly and forwarding e mail to my Android 10 phone immediately when arriving at the server. I can see the up/down arrows on my Verizon connection lit up at all times and it is sucking down my battery. I could go a full day on a charge, now it runs the battery down in a few hours and I need to charge the phone three times per day.

I have fetching e mail set to manual. I just shut off Push to never and I see the up/down arrows on the verizon connection or my wifi have stopped, I’ll know more about the battery in a few hours. This is a new phone and the battery has been excellent until this update a couple of days ago.

Also, it’s very cumbersome to switch between two e mail accounts to check mail, it requires a lot more key strokes and that is tiring.