K9 Stops operating and sending notifications after update or phone restart

I have been testing K-9 for years now. Most of the bugs seem to have been resolved and the application seems to be working without any problems if someone sets it “immune” from any battery optimisations. However, on main issue remains. Once there is an update and you don’t open the application after that, then it stops operating and sending notifications. The same issue occurs after a phone restart. Once you open the application then it comes back to normal. This is a serious bug. Nonetheless, if there is a workaround please post. Thank you

Maybe post some details, like device, rom, Android + K-9 version?

I’ve also been using K-9 for years and have it running on 4 different devices, from A10 to A14. But I don’t see the behaviour you mentioned. I restart quite frequently, on my main device at least, but K-9 still pushes + polls after each update or reboot.

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