K9 - outlook.office365.com

Some month ago my university switched to office365.com, and I was able to setup K9 Mail for my student-mailadress (IMAP). It works since then on different devices, and i am able to set up K9 Mail for this adress on a different device (today). I also know this FAQ.

Now a colleague is a new student at the same university and we are not able to get his email address working with K9 Mail. After login to the office 365-Account (7. from the FAQ) there appears a popup which looks like 8. from the FAQ

  • Read and write access to your mail.
  • Access to sending emails from your mailbox.
  • Maintain access to data you have given K-9 Mail access to
  • View your basic profile

But there is no “Accept” Button, we can type some text and it looks like a request for the admin (as mentioned in the prerequisites (“Depending on the configuration the administrator may also have to specifically allow the app “K-9 Mail” to be used to access your account.”).

It is particularly confusing that the request does not mention “K9 Mail” but “Mozilla Thunderbird”.

The two Mail addresses differs only in the part before the “@”. one is working, the other one is not working. Even on the same device we see this behaviour.

Both adresses are working with thunderbird on linux/windows machines (if this is a relevant info)

Is this an microsoft issue? an issue of the university? a k9-issue? or maybe a combination? There is K9 6.602 on all devices.

Any hint is welcome. Thanks a lot.