K9 on OnePlus 9 Pro

The version of K9 on the Play Store did not work properly on my 1+ 9 Pro. Android didn’t install it when setting up the new phone from the old, when I did a manual install I was watned it was for an earlier version of Android: installed, it seemed very prone to crashing (while importing settings, and after another try when entering the account password), and there were duplicate Trash, Sent, and Outbox folders.

When I installed the latest beta version 5.734 and reimported the settings, I got a second and third version of the same account, the third without duplicates - so I removed the superfluous accounts and all seems now to be well.
Thank you. For a few moments I was worried I was going to have to find a new mail app.

My k9 suddenly stopped working on my 1+pro as well. It all begun after k9 update.

Reinstalling k9 or installing the earlier versions works for few hours but after that no mails go throughs either direction. No domain or server specific.

K9 worked perfectly for years, but now this sudden problem is forcing to find new client, unvoluntarily.