K9 Mail keeps opening to Outbox

Hello, I’m having a weird problem lately. Whenever I start the app, it opens to outbox. I think it used to open in the inbox but I couldn’t find any settings to change this.

Settings » Account » Folders » Start folder :slight_smile:

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Hmm I don’t have that setting but it also turned out that I wasn’t using the most recent version of K9 Mail. After updating from 5.806 to 5.904 it’s starting in the inbox again :slight_smile:

As far as I know 5.9xx is the beta release branch. Nothing wrong with it to use it - but it is still beta and might show strange behavior. Just for your information.

Sorry looks like this didn’t fix it. It’s opening to outbox again. Can you please write again where this setting is?

Under Folders, I only have: Auto-expand folder, Folders to display, Move/copy destination folders, Folders to search, Archive folder, Drafts folder, Sent folder, Spam folder, Trash folder.

Oh, sorry. Try setting “Auto-expand folder” to the inbox. I used the app in German and the translation is pretty different.

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Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, it’s already set to Inbox and the issue has started happening again. I think it’s connected to the fact that e-mails sometimes get stuck in Outbox when power saver is turned on (Android 7) and i have to manually send them from the top right dropdown menu.