K9 Mail crashing/not responding

Sorry if this topic is already posted somewhere, but I couldn’t find it using the search on this website or google.
I did a new installation in the last 5 days and K9 Mail has crashed 4x.
Each time I restart it I get the “Welcome to K-9 Mail” and I must “Set up new account.”
I am doing it now for the 5th time.
I have been a user of K-9 for many years and many devices and never had this problem till this new installation and this new version.
Phone - Nokia 7.2 (had this installed 2yrs ago but it wanted an update last week)
Android ver. - 10
K-9 Mail ver. - Unknown! It won’t show me till I “set up new account.” I have noticed that the icon now is pink backdrop instead of white. Does that mean anything? I have this on other devices and it is white. I will set up the account again and come back and post the version.
I hope this will be an easy solution.
Thanks in advance for all input/help.

Can’t get any more info. reset my email account and now it is nonstop “checking incoming server settings” with rotating waiting-circle never ending.
Going to uninstall and reinstall the app.
This is strange. Never had a problem in 5yrs of using this app on all my devices.

You should be able to get app version also either from Google Play Store if you installed it from there, or directly from App info from Android

This most probably means that you used 5.600 before the update and now a major version jump to 5.80x was done.

@stphn : thanks for your reply.
So, I suspected right? It is the update? The previous version worked fine for ages. Immediately after this update, problems. Hmmmm…any tips? Ideas? Solutions?
I don’t want to change to another app…I have used this for years…trouble free.

I uninstalled it, now going to do a fresh install. Will come back with my results.
Cheers and wish me luck!

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Several options I see:

  • Fresh install of latest version - this you currently trying
  • if it fails, try latest beta version (join Beta program in Play store for K9)
  • if even that fails, try to install latest version before major update from official builds:
    Release K-9 Mail v5.600 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub