K9 Mail ATT Samsung S22 I can send mail but it does not fetch mail

2 days ago I stopped getting mail on my S22. I can sent mail from it and all my other computers get it. The mail I sent shows up in the Sent folder on the S22.

It looks like it is downloading mail, The circular dot swirls around but no mail is down loaded. I did get a Samsung update the morning after I received my last email at 7:00 PM or so.

I checked the fetching mail settings and everything looked correct and nothing has changed that I could find.

I looked to see if there was an update for K9, but did not see one. I’m on V 6.601

Any thoughts?

No error message?
What mail provider?

For some reason it started working about an hour ago. Don’t know why

Comcast email
no error messages.