K9-Inbox-Widget not available in Widgets on Home Screen

Hi, I have a Motorola G4 Play running Android 7.11. bound to the Google-Now Launcher (won’t properly hand over to alternative launchers after reboots). However, when experimenting it also didn’t show up in other launcher (Nova and a few on Fdroid).

I want to set up the K9 unified inbox widget but it just doesn’t show to be available in the widget selection on the home screen.
Is that an issue of Android versions, the Google now launcher or K9?

Thanks, rgds.

Does your phone have some kind of “move app to SD” feature that you used on K-9?

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TLDR very probably yes

Well, I formatted an SD as internal storage, because I was in fact running out of that and didn’t want to manually manage it all.
And yes, there still is a noticeable division of storage on the phone, so the function does not cover the SD completely from my point of view.
However, I do not see an intuitive way of preventing apps of using this “newfound” storage and any prompt I had is sunken in the dpeths of history (I have the phone and the SD for quite some time). [Edit] Yes there is a button to “migrate data” must have done that at some point.

Just to explain - it has all of 16 Gigs (12 used) of internal storage, and the SD has currently 52 gigs of 128 full, so there is really no viable option aside from complete backup and reset, and I won’t do that for an Email widget.

I think there should be a button to move individual apps from/to the sd card. Maybe you could try moving K-9. Widgets do not work for any apps that are moved to the SD card. At least this was the case a few years ago.


This recommendation was spot on!
Indeed when you go into apps you can choose the memory (either internal or “internal SD”). With a switch to internal for K9 the widget was there again. Thank you very much.

Noob tip: don’t forget to move some other software (not needing widgets etc) to your SD card if you have a case like mine. Unfortunately that is not possible with Google apps.

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