K9 & Hostmonster

Sending K-9 Mail emails through Hostmonster servers are accepted but they are not delivered.
Hostmonster has had this issue with K-9 mail app since at least Oct 2021, maybe longer. There is an issue with K-9 mail app that Hostmonster has been unable to resolve. If i use Thunderbird on a pc, hostmonster delivers the email. Can this issue be resolved with a change in the K9 mail app? I like K9 mail but i need it to work with Hostmonster or I will be forced to find another phone app. Please look into this for a resolution.

Complete shot in the dark, but K9 has an option to hide the mail client. Do you have that enabled? Settings > Privacy > Hide mail client

The messages you are sending are not in the outbox and have been moved to the sent folder?

Thanks for responding. No, not hiding mail client. I’ve moved on. Deleted K-9 mail, too bad, I liked it, but the new version isnt working thru hostmonster.