K9 did not send emails

My settings
Port 465
Anmeldung required.

What else is able to add?

When you tried to send mail what error/result did you get?

You didn’t indicate what you set, but generally the “authentication” type is “normal password”, rather than encrypted or certificate. The oauth2 option currently only works with google/aol/yahoo accounts.

… and it appears that for the smtp authentication username you need to use your full email address.


Well -h rhe email adess seams to be right
The pitty is that i did not see any Mistake messages

  1. I would not send my email adress here even as a screenshot
  2. But I see that you typed Lineargeos but the OS is named Lineageos without r…
  1. What happens when you press the “Next” (“Weiter” in German) button in the outgoing server settings screen? If an error message is displayed, please provide the complete error text.
  2. Did you check if sent messages are stuck in the Outbox folder? If so, the app should have displayed error notifications. Please provide the complete error text of such a notification.
  3. If the message was successfully delivered to the outgoing server, K-9 Mail will have uploaded the message to the server’s Sent folder. Have you checked to see if the message is there? If it is, the message not reaching the destination is a problem with your email provider, not a bug in K-9 Mail. In those cases you should get an email containing information that your provider wasn’t able to deliver the message to the recipient. Providers will usually try delivering the message for a couple of days before giving up.