K9 deletes a 'draft' of a 'sent mail / edit as new message'

I am trying to do quite a long message, which requires that i bounce back and forth from K9 to web, to search something…when I reselect K9 in the ‘open applications’ view, it deletes the message that i was working on! Not expected!
So, it makes me, it seems ', have to save as a draft, and re-open after my web activity.

Even better!! I chose the ‘edit to send as new message’, typed in a bunch of stuff, clicked ‘save as draft’, and K9 crashed, without saving! ???

I even tried inserting an image file, then ‘save as draft’, and BOOM, crashed, work gone…

Any ideas about why it happily deletes the in-progess message?

What version of K9 do you use? What mobile phone?

I cannot reproduce it with K9 5.806 on a Samsung S7

If I switch to another app while composing a mail I see “saved as draft”. When I switch back I still see my mail in composer, and can edit it.

I use the beta version ok K9 on a moto g10. Here if I return to K9 the mail is still open and ready to be edited or sent.