K9 App Not Running In Background After Restart Without First Logging In

I recently did a forklift upgrade from an LG G5 running Android 8 and K9 v5.600 to a Samsung S21 running Android 13 and K9 v6.400. Needless to say, a lot has changed from the earlier versions. I’m still learning the new app, but have stumbled across an anomaly that I’m hoping is known and that somebody can tell me where to change a setting.

When the phone is rebooted, K9 does not load in the background and begin working until I log into the phone with my PIN… then it loads and runs in the background, as it should. I don’t know if this is something new to Android 13 or if it’s a Samsung thing; this behavior certainly did not exist with my old phone/app. Has anybody else come across this behavior and is there a setting to change to have it load in the background after reboot without requiring the phone’s PIN to be entered?

The storage on newer Android versions is encrypted by default. After a reboot you need to unlock the device so that apps can access stored data.

I was afraid it was something like that (intended security behavior)… Bummer.

Thank you for the timely reply and clarification.

If you value comfort over security, you can deactivate device encryption. - I strongly discourage you from doing this!