K9 6.902 crashing

i just updated to beta 6.902, from 6.901, and it is crashing on opening - so no logging available.

pixel 8pro
android 15beta - mid-june update

rebooting device, just in case, didn’t help.

Probably caused by this bug: App crashes when a swipe action is set to "none" · Issue #7969 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub

i checked a backup copy of the conf file for this device and the settings on a second device (that hasn’t been updated). from that, it’s likely that the current setting for both swipe actions are set to “none” on this device.

K-9 Mail 6.903 should fix the crash and is available now: Release K-9 Mail v6.903 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub

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thanks, that fixed it.

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K9 Mail 6.903 stürzt hier jetzt ab. Tab S9 Querformat, ein Galaxy S23+ funktioniert.

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