K9 5.737 is draining my battery

Hi, i upgraded yesterday to K9 and i have a permanent @ notification in the navbar.
The real problem is K9 is now totally draining my battery.

Anyone aware of this / experience this issue ?

Thank you

What K-9 Mail version did you run before the upgrade?

The “@” notification is displayed when at least one account is configured for Push. See How to configure Push?


I’m not sure what version it was, but i update K9 via F-droid and in a pretty regular way.

For now i’m back to previous one in f-droid (5.734) with export from 5.737 and import in 5.734.

I believe this could be related to push, so if i can help you, either with Logcat or whatever… (Android POSP 11 custom ROM on Nokia 6.1 plus).

Kudos for K9 ! :slight_smile:

Yea, Push drains battery because the device never sleeps when it’s enabled - I mentioned that a week or so ago. That’s why I’ve disabled Push again for now and am hoping for a fix in the future :crossed_fingers:

I have the same problem with K9 5.739. The battery consumption is catastrophic.

Please record a debug log and create an issue in our issue tracker.