K-9 won't open PDF files (directly)

I am using 5.717 on Android Pie and cannot open any PDF attachments directly. I am always prompted to choose whether or not to open it with “Antenna opml import” (I’ve never chosen to open any files with this app). There’s the alternative to use 3 other apps (in my case ankidroid, keepass and OsmAnd). Neither of these apps is configurated to be a standard app for anything. The tedious workaround is to save that file and locate it with e.g. TotalCommander, which opens it in Foxit pdf reader.

Is there a way to make K-9 give me the chance to open a file attachment with the app of my choice?


K-9 tries to open PDF attachments with a pdf application. If it does not find any, it then tries again with a more broad list of apps that might be useful. In your case, those apps are obviously not useful :slight_smile:

I just tried opening pdf attachments using Foxit and other readers on Android 10 and Android 9. It always opens the pdf in an actual reader app. Do you experience this problem with one email or with all emails? Did the problem start to occur in a recent version of K-9 or was it there all the time?

Thanks for your reply. I’m afraid there’s a bug in the custom rom (resurrection remix) as I have observed a similar weird behaviour in TotalCommander which was supposed a certain app but actually opened a different one.

I’ll report a bug there.

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Oh, mea culpa (it’s my fault). In xprivacyLUA I didn’t allow K-9 to look at the list of applications. Consequently K-9 was impeded of opening PDFs. After granting the permisson to K-9, it opens PDFs properly.

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