K-9 unread widget missing (sort of)

I recently bought a new Samsung S24 Ultra phone. I exported my k-9 settings from my S21 Ultra and imported them into my S24. Everything worked fine except the unread emails widget is missing. I have seen other similar posts but this is where it gets a bit stranger. On the S21, I have version 6.802 of k-9 installed. The unread widget is still on my home screen and is working although it no longer appears as an installable widget.
On the S24 that also has 6.802 installed, there is no unread widget option to install at all.
So it looks like if you had the unread widget installed previously, it will still work but somewhere during a version upgrade, it disappeared as an installable widget.
Neither phone has “move to storage” options and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on the S24 but the widget is still missing. I don’t want to make any changes on the S21 since the home screen unread widget is still working but no longer an installable option. If I remove it, there is no way to get it back on the S21. Unfortunately I will have to send the S21 back in a few days because of the trade-in program.
If only there was a way to copy an installed widget from one phone to another.